Manage everything.

Store all kinds of stuff in projects. Tasks, notes, lists, and files. All in just one place.

can be used to categorize projects.
Add to favorite
to quickly come back to this project.
Select colors
to differentiate various types of data.
Link to everything.
You can easily link tasks with other projects or contacts.
Photos & Files
can be stored right next to your todo lists.
can host tasks, or simply just list items.
Sharing projects
with others is easy. You just need a workspace.
Store everything in projects.

Hundreds of projects? No problem.

The built-in tag browser allows you to easily navigate your ocean of projects. It dynamically presents your projects in hierarchical structures based on your tag selections.

Select tags
to efficiently browser your projects.
Matching projects
are presented on-the-fly as you picks tags.
Smart Collections
can also track your data based on tags.
Browse projects by the powerful built-in tag browser

Pagico for Desktop is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu.

Available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese & Polish.


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