Colorful and Intelligent

Subtlely used colors offer a pleasant working environment

The new Dashboard in Pagico 8

Container colors

are pleasantly displayed in the background

List titles with colors

are also included

Intelligent add button

that offers relevant action based on where you are in Pagico.

Auto-colored bars

reflect the status of tasks

The Today View

helps you stay focused on the current day

Teammate filter

lets you quickly see what your team is up to

Pinned Items

keep important stuff visible

Scalable timeline

lets you zoom in or out

Intelligent snooze

lets you quickly reschedule

Simple & Elegant

You can also choose to see all your tasks lined up in simple lists.

The new Dashboard in Pagico 8

All time-sensitive items

are listed in color-coded categories.

See 2 months of tasks

at a time, use the arrow buttons to navigate.

Available everywhere.

List views are also available for projects, contacts, workspaces and colletions.

Enhanced Lists

Much faster, with keyboard support and bulk-actions.

The faster, more capable list views in Pagico 8

Redesigned Container UI

Elegant, clean, & stress-free layout for your data

The new container view in Pagico 8

Refreshed UI

presents your data in a stress-free layout

Recent Items list

keeps needed items accessible

Dedicated views

offer distraction-free yet easy access to various perspectives of your data

Frequently-used tools

are re-arranged here for easy access.

New filters & controls

let you filter data on-the-fly, or jump to any object with a few clicks.

Multi-column layout

shows you more content with elegance

Manage sub-containers

and preview their metadata with a glance

In-Container Quick Navigation

Find things FAST.

Interactive Calendar View

See things on a calendar view whenever you want.

The new calendar views in Pagico 8

Completed items

show up on your calendar, too

Fully interactive

Simply drag and drop to reschedule, or click on a day to create new tasks.

Non-distruptive Privacy Protection

Lock your DB with one keypress. Unlock to return to exactly where you were.

The new database lock view in Pagico 8

Minimalist design

Stay informed

about reminders and upcoming events

Plus a lot more!

Simplified list writing experience

A keyboard-oriented design streamlines the list writing experience.

Simplified task entry in Pagico 8

Save web links easily with the new browser extension

Turning webpages into tasks is only a few clicks away.

Write new tasks easily from within your browser

Dedicated location field for tasks and notes.

The new dedicated Location field for tasks in Pagico 8

Streamlined Link Helper and Move panel

Linking, assigning tasks, and moving items just got a whole lot easier.
Quickly filter your targets by keyboard, or create new targets on-the-fly.

The new Link Helper and Move-To panel in Pagico 8

Filter your data by status, or use of tags

Use the smart filters to reveal pending tasks only, or show items that are tagged with certain keywords.

Filter your data by status or the use of tags

Templating made easy

Easily clone an existing project (or contact), rename it, and update all its dates & times with just a few simple clicks.

The new container duplication options in Pagico 8

Built-in notifcation

Pagico will now remind you about your custom task alerts even when it isn't connected to your calendar app.

Get reminded about tasks without relying on your calendar apps

Integrated Mentions section

Inbouned linked items will now be presented in a more integrated way.

See all inbound linked items presented in an integrated layout

Other notable improvements

Pagico 8.16

More powerful, carefully crafted, ultra fast yet easier to use.

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Pagico 8 is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu.